Marshall Plan Effectiveness

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The most effective Cold War plan was the famous Marshall Plan. Some historians may believe that the most effective plan was Containment, but they are wrong. These plans are considered effective for the lives the protect, the safety the provided, and the money they gave. This the safest, most lucrative, most effective Cold War plan was the Marshall Plan.
Generally the Cold War lasted from 1949-1991. But it could've started earlier, “In a June 5,1947 speech to the graduating class at Harvard, Secretary of State, George C. Marshall issued a call for a comprehensive program to rebuild Europe.” (Historian, 1, 1947). Successful plans should be judged by their effectiveness in the early years of the Cold War. To evaluate the effectiveness of the
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The evidence for this comes from Rep. Charles W. Vursell wrote, “...20,000,000 that you would waste in the Marshall Plan, and spend them here at home in building the strongest air force.. in the world.” (Vursell, 1, 1947) Using this, is clear that the Marshall Plan is effective because the U.S. would loan more money on other countries instead of using it here at home.
Some events show the Marshall Plan failing. One example is in China. As J.J. Joseph wrote, “... fact is that the result of the Civil War in China was beyond the control of the government of the United States.” (Joseph, 29, 1949) This shows now the Marshall Plan was not effective. But, this evidence is not valid because the Marshall Plan was not involved and the timing was off.
Furthermore, another instance where the Marshall Plan fails was in Russia. As the History Channel wrote, “Soviet Foreign Minister V. M. Molotov walks out of a meeting with representatives of the British and French governments, signaling the Soviet Union’s rejection of the Marshall Plan.” ( Staff, 1, 2016) This shows how the Marshall Plan was important in Russia for the U.S. As a result, the Marshall Plan could not solve the problems in Russia due to them no accepting our help. But, this evidence still does not address the issue because it was their voice to deny our help. All the evidence provided helps show that the marshall plan is the best. If one considered the fast
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