Martin Brass Case Analysis

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Martin Brass Company

Unless Tom Fuller, Vice President of Manufacturing for Martin Brass, can not quickly find an answer for the conflict brewing between Harry Smith and Jim Jones, the whole department will not only fall behind schedule, but they will also lose synergy within the company. The most acceptable undersired outcome would be that if Jim Jones does have to leave the company, he does so in good terms because of his business brought to the company from the local school board. The management decision variable would be to have both Jim Jones and Harry Smith work out their differences and begin a new relationship in which both employees feel comfortable and happy, this also includes them both working more efficiently, effectively,
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Giving him less control to run everything exactly the way that Harry wants to. Harry is a valuable asset to the company that cannot be lost, however when faced with projects that require teamwork and cooperation from others he has to learn to deal with his management in a more ethical way. Working through the course “The Management Process” at Juniata College, I was able to learn that synergy is more important to a company than many people think. Harry Smith needs to show his employees more respect, appreciation, and treat them with more equality. This is why I suggest that Tom Fuller should insist that Harry take a few management courses to better handle situations with employees. Tom Fuller should also request that Jim Jones puts more effort into his work at Martin Brass. Tom Fuller should not suggest that Jim Jones leaves his position as Chairman of the School Board, he should let him know that he respects and admires the work that he does for the school, but he should sternly remind him that his first priority needs to be Martin Brass, if he can not accept this proposal, Tom Fuller should suggest that Jim Jones parts from the company, although he must do this on good terms so that the school board continues cooperation with Martin Brass. There are some costs to this issue, for one the company will have to help Harry pay for these classes, however this is an expense that must me made to improve the company as a whole.
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