Martin Luther King And Bern's Speech : My Philosophy For A Happy Life

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Speeches are known for making individuals from every country be persuaded or informed on a certain topic. The males and females writing the speeches use rhetorical appeals to help enhance their speech. Because of these appeals, they can help him or her build credibility with their audience, make use of logic, and use pathos to bring out emotion in the audience to help get his or her point across. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech “Street Sweeper” and Sam Berns’ speech “My Philosophy for a Happy Life”, both demonstrate the use of ethos, pathos, and logos in both similar and different ways to convince their audience to stand up to society and stand up for themselves. King and Berns both used ethos to make people start listening to them to begin with, they built up credibility with their audiences. Though they used pathos in different ways, Berns using his story of not being able to play in the marching band until he built his on mechanism and King using pathos by saying things that the audience could relate to and stand up for, they both used pathos. Finally, they both used logos in different ways, King using it for the reason of his speech and Berns using it throughout the speech. King and Berns demonstrate ethos in different ways. King wants his speakers to be unified in a similar civil rights cause, while Berns wants his audience to individually develop hope. King uses ethos by being a professional speaker and giving a voice to his race. He built a community of followers

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