Martin Luther King Character Essay

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Character is a special attribute everyone can acquire. It does not matter how smart you are, how good you look, or how popular you are. Character is a certain trait that shows what kind of person you are. To have great character is a tremendous gift that not a lot of people have, but that is mainly from lack of trying. Achieving character can be an easy and harmless task that makes you feel good about yourself. Actions such as holding the door open for people, helping people in school, or taking lead to guide those that do not know where they are going can show character. There are people in life that have shown exponential character that go above and beyond just holding the door open to someone, which is not bad at all, and show us that people have the potential to be incredible human beings if we just set aside our differences and help each other out.…show more content…
This man showed that through persistence and determination you could achieve your goals. Even though we lived in a society where African Americans were not fully accepted as citizens yet, this man was the light in the darkest night that they looked up to for hope. He gave others the courage to stand with him in an uphill battle to fight peacefully for what is right. This is what having character is all about, giving others to courage and strength to do what is right when they cannot stand up for themselves. Eventually he and his followers won the rights they deserve, and they could not have done it without a powerful leader with great character. This is why character is important and it shows how having character can make almost anything
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