How Is Martin Luther King Jr Influential

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Martin Luther King Jr once said,“The time Is always right to do what Is right (Christian Animal Ethics, 2017).” He used that when he halted segregation laws. He was known for being a Civil Right Leader. Plus people had picked Martin Luther King Jr to be a leader of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Martin Luther King Jr Is an Influential person because of his hard working life, him as a Civil Right Leader, his Presidential Medal of Freedom, and leader of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Martin Luther King Jr began his life as an Intelligent and hardworking person. Martin Luther King Jr life began In Atlanta, Georgia, January 15, 1929. Martin Luther King Sr and Alberta Williams King were the father and mother of Martin Luther King Jr. When he grew up In Atlanta, Georgia, Martin Luther King Jr was being baptized In May, 1936. He also started school at age five. It was breathtaking once Martin Luther King Jr’s grandmother died of a heart attack. It was In May, 1941 when Jennie died of a heart attack when Martin Luther King Jr only twelve. It happened when Martin Luther King Jr’s family was at a parade. Martin Luther King Jr had a good education which helped him be successful later In life. Martin Luther King Jr would attend school at Booker T. Washington High School. Most of his teachers thought of him as a hard worker and an Intelligent person. He was so smart that he skipped ninth and eleventh grade. He would also attended Morehouse In Atlanta, Georgia, In 1944. Plus, him being only

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