Martin Luther King Jr.

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Throughout history there has always been testimony of the consciousness of injustice, and homage paid those individuals who are cognizant and inquisitive enough to challenge those injustices. Most often these injustices survive due to society’s unwillingness to go against the grain, the lack of knowledge, the lack of the pursuit of knowledge, and fear of the repercussions of challenging such injustices. Frequently, those individuals recognized in history are those who evoked change with a pure heart, perseverance, determination, passion, and demonstrate selflessness by cultivating entire societies, at any cost. Specifically, in comparing human rights activist, Martin Luther King Jr. and Greek Philosopher, Socrates, understanding the overall purpose each of their journey’s these men ultimately shared a common goal. In this proclamation, I will prove that without a doubt, Socrates would have agreed with Martin Luther King’s ideas of civil disobedience.
Socrates was a man in search of wisdom, truths, and justice, who simply refused to accept the discernable deficiency of evidence which sustained such injustices. Martin Luther King Jr., a man in pursuit of human rights and equality, refusing to concede to the man-made laws suggesting that one race was superior to another. These two men, although passionate about completely different causes, had almost identical beliefs on what justice is and what it means. These heroic men both fought for importance of justice, fairness, and

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