Martin Luther King Leadership Skills

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A leader has integrity, and are aware of their value and what they represent. However, I feel that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr leadership skills and his self-sacrifices made him one of America’s greatest leaders of the twentieth century. A leader is constantly growing and reaching to expand their leadership skills. Also, leadership can also be learned and developed in certain individuals that have the tenacity, motivation, and the determination to become a leader. Nonetheless, the theories that are discussed in Unit I study guide examines the approaches that are used in leadership, as well as the difference between leadership and management skills. Further, one example given was to think of leadership as a movement, being able to see where the organization is trying to go. At the same time management is viewed as standing still, being stationary and doing your absolute best and working with what you have in front of you. However, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr transformational leadership skills, characteristics, and his vision for change in the society all contributed to his outstanding leadership abilities. Nevertheless, during 1985 Bass’ developed a continuum approach that a leader can select to use as he or she sees fit to interact with their followers (Columbia Southern University (CSU) n.d). The continuum that was used is laissez-faire on one end, and the opposite end is transitional leadership (CSU, n.d). Laissez-faire is known as a non-leadership, since this type of
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