Martin Luther King Vs. Muhammad Ali

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen my name is Blair and I’m appreciative for the opportunity to speak at Citizen of the world conference. I’ve been requested to talk about individuals that have had a significance positive impact on the world. Although there many great people to choose from I have chosen two that I believe have had a big influence on the world. I believe these two individuals would have affected everyone in this room one way or another. The two individuals I will be talking about is Martin Luther King Jr and Muhammad Ali while neither had an economic impact, they both had either a political or sporting impact. Martin Luther king Jr was born January 15, 1929, Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It took a resilient leader, an individual…show more content…
He began boxing at age 12 and went on to win 100 amateur boxing matches with only five losses. He later became a world champion boxer, as well as a devoted humanitarian and activist. Ali fought during the golden age of boxing and defeated every top heavyweight boxer during his time. Ali was named Ring Magazine's "Fighter of the Year" more times than any other boxer. He is one of only three boxers that Sports Showed has named "Sportsman of the Year." In 1987, he was invested into the International Boxing Hall of Fame. ("Muhammad Ali Biography •", 2016) Ali resisted his given name, Cassius Clay because he felt it was a "Slave name." In 1964, it was exposed that he had converted to the Nation of Islam and would change his name to Muhammed Ali to represent this conversion. He strongly opposed the Vietnam War and was arrested and stripped of his boxing license due to evasion of the draft. Ali has won many awards for his humanitarian efforts toward ending hunger and helping the world's children. ("What Impact Did Muhammad Ali Make on the World?” 2016) He also wanted to spread his opinion and thoughts about the civil rights movement. Ali took part in speaking at college campuses sharing the same ideas as Martin Luther King. Stepping up and becoming a leader. In the time of the civil rights movements. Ali’s impact was growing among black Americans, among those who opposed the war in Vietnam, among all people with grievances against the system. ("The Importance of Muhammad Ali | The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History",
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