Martin Luther King's A Beloved Community

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What is a Beloved Community? The term first originates from use in the early twentieth century, coined by Philosopher-Theologian Josiah Royce. The Term has, however, just recently received much attention due to great civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. To the King, A Beloved Community was a “ Critical mass of people committed to and trained in the philosophy and methods of nonviolence”. It is an idea meant to be “a global vision, in which all people can share in the wealth of the earth”. Martin Luther King Junior aimed to end three main “Evils”. These Evils are modernly known as: Poverty, Racism, and Militarism. However as utopian as the idea may sound, the king acknowledged that there would always be inevitable conflict in …show more content…

A connection held close to heart by all that wish to see the better good in the world for themselves and others. A beloved community does not seek to end poverty, militarism, or racism. A beloved community seeks to minimize the effects the three evils have on our lives, as ending those concepts as a whole would be impossible. Though the King may have addressed the three evils over thirty years ago, they are unfortunately still alive and thriving in our community. A Beloved Community, to me, is the single mass unification of a community or subcommunity to purpose mutual consequences for the majority of entities involved. A Beloved Community, in simpler terms, is a happy productive society not plagued by concepts such as, or related to, the three evils. Now let us precede on to the main …show more content…

Instead of locking the concept of militarism to a government based subject, Martin Luther King Junior viewed all forms of violence as forms of militarism. Fortunately, this topic not only affects our community but also every other community in America. To help end Militarism in America, we can look to allocate more money into topics such as social uplift instead of building up arms and troops. The King always believed that instead of physical war, you must conduct a mental war, where love is always the winner. We can look to solve our problems through reconciliation with other countries minimizing casualties on both sides and building stronger foreign national bonds. By depending on forms of nonviolence, we move one step closer to the idea of a true Beloved Community. Now on to the final step of the

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