Martin Luther King's Fight For Civil Rights

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Martin Luther King Jr. lost his existence trying to inspire the generation lives of African-American people. He was one of the many greatest American Civil Rights leaders of the 1960s.Martin Luther King continued fighting for civil rights until he got shot by James Earl Ray and died on June 8, 1968. Civil rights means individuals having equality and freedom in a renouncing and joyful manner. As of November 2016, before actually becoming a police officer, police cadets are required to visit the beautiful Rosa Parks Museum to obtain and understand of why doing right by the law instead of doing right by their thoughts and beliefs is so crucial to shape the image and build a higher understanding of knowledge towards the Montgomery Police Department.…show more content…
Dr.King was able to team up with people like Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael and many other known protestors. In August 28, 1963 he gave his most famous I have a dream speech in front of millions of people and he spoke what God blessed him with and moved a lot of people. His speech made even the real prejudice people change their ways. All because he spoke speech, another person who also spoke a speech who a lot of don’t mention is Lyndon B Johnson “We shall overcome” speech he made this speed in 1965 2 years before Martin Luther king’s I have a dream speech. Another famous person we all know but still don’t recognize is Kennedys support for Dr.King his Civil Rights speech also helped change lives for people today. Kennedy believed the exact same thing Dr.King believed in the equality for all Americans so Kennedy did this by passing a Civil Rights bill which tremendously helped us…show more content…
To sum this up, Martin Luther King, Jr. faced many great obstacles during his life. If it wasn’t for him, there would be a lot of racist people. If this were to happen there would be too much negative attention given to bad students and not enough to my education. Dr.King wasn’t just a hero he was a blessing from God who helped achieve his goal and that’s something we all should want to do. Luckily, we had Dr.King. Put an end to racism. However there is still some racism in some parts of the world, but with Dr.Kings words in our heart, we can destroy and Pray for any and all bigotry there is
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