Martin Luther Reflection

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Many of the characters throughout Once Upon a Timepiece seem to make poor decisions that affect the lives of many people, and Luther believed wholeheartedly that people should not feel they deserve go to hell. Someone like Abigail, who looked foolish at the end of her story, may realize how inconsiderate and greedy she was being, but that does not mean she should feel that they need to punish herself or condemn herself to hell. In Luther’s case, he hated the idea of indulgences because he felt that people who actually do commit sin end up paying away the good work of the Lord. But the indulgences meant that rather than beg for forgiveness and the mercy of God, “whoever has confessed and is contrite and puts alms in the box, as his confessor counsels him, will have all of his sins forgiven” (Pettegree 68). Yet, it is also important to note that Luther did believe in salvation, just simply as good deeds and prayers rather than money.
Martin Luther in his adolescence truly believed that he could not reach salvation or stand on good terms with God. The teachings of the Catholic Church seemed to do no good for him, so he took it upon himself with the help of his father in Christ to study theology at the University of Wittenberg. By studying and worshiping the scriptures themselves rather than the preaching of the church, he found himself at peace with God. Similar to Luther, Conrad, whom wore the watch that read “may your brief candle shine brightly”, realized in the first

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