Martin Luther 's Impact On The Reformation Essay

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Some people believe that without Luther there would not have been a Reformation in Germany. Discuss Luther’s impact on the Reformation and assess his influence on the expressions of reform in Germany between 1517 and 1529. The synthesis of Luther’s theological understandings and the socio-political situation in Europe during the sixteenth century, can arguably be seen to have made the perfect combination for triggering the radical events of the Protestant Reformation. Although the Reformation in Germany is often primarily associated with Luther, ‘it seems likely that some form of theological reformation would have occurred in the sixteenth century even without the flamboyant figure of Martin Luther’ . This first successful defiance to the papacy in Rome, resulted in the development of a new branch of Christianity that later inspired others to expand the movement without the permission of the Pope. In addition to addressing religious doctrines, Luther’s influence in the Protestant Reformation also meant that German states were able to fulfil political manoeuvers of independence that were desired for many years prior to the reform movement. This essay will explore in detail the impact of Martin Luther on the Reformation in Germany, his influence on the expressions of reform and whether Luther alone was responsible for the religious revolution.

Although there were secular factors that were affected by the Protestant Reformation, the most significant impact that Luther had

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