Martin Luther 's Life Changing Life

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Martin Luther Kjerstine Martin HIST 101-04F May 1, 2016 Thu-ba-lump. A single horse’s hooves hit against the dirt as he runs down the road. Thu-ba-lump. Thunder claps overhead. Thu-ba-lump. Lightning pierces the ground, startling the horse and throwing the rider from it. On his knees, frightened for his life, he calls out into the storm, “Help me, St. Anne! I will become a monk! (Christian History Magazine Staff, 2000)” While no one knows exactly what happened on this day, it was quite possibly one of the most life-changing days in Martin Luther’s life. For he escaped the storm unhurt, and as he had promised to God, he would join the monkhood (Harrison, 2002). Of course, his entry into the Church was just the beginning of a long journey that he was about to embark on in becoming one of the most influential men in history. Though living in sixteenth-century Germany, Martin Luther had one of the most significant influences upon the western world not only by arguing the Bible – not the Church – as the ultimate authority over people and that each believer a member of the priesthood, but also by challenging, and ultimately breaking, the crippling hold that the Church had on the people of his time. Martin Luther was born in 1483 Germany, a terribly dark time in their history. In Western Europe, the Spanish Inquisition was just getting started, and in Eastern Europe, the Plague was still traveling through towns and wiping out populations. When Luther was born, only one
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