Marxist, Feminist And Postmodernist Ideologies

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The following is a report of the key perspectives and theoretical concepts that I believe are relevant to the Greensprings area. As previously stated in team meetings, I shall be using the information gathered on the ideologies and concepts underpinning community development to formulate any ideas on how to engage and support families within this community. Community Development, for the purpose of this paper, is defined as “a process that entails organisation, facilitation, and action, which allows people to establish ways to create the community they want to live in” (Matarrita-Cascante & Brennan, 2012). This paper will explore Marxist, Feminist and Postmodernist ideologies in order to understand how these ideologies may
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This is important, as community engagement is one of the key problems with Greensprings.
Though feminism is often seen as something that is only helpful to the females of the population, when it comes to community development, feminism is useful for more than this. Feminism has many different varieties due to the changing times, but these all have similar values: ending gender inequality, roles relating to gender inequality and the idea of how familial relations support these roles (Davis, 2008). There are two fundamental concepts in feminist theory: gender and patriarchy. Gender refers to the way in which we identify ourselves, either male or female, while patriarchy refers to the different ways that reinforce male power (Kenny, 2011). Gender roles play a big part in domestic violence, as most of the cases centre around male dominance over their female partner (Murray & Powell, 2009). Due to this, the feminist movement and feminism had a large part in bringing this issue to the public and ensuring that the responsibility fell not only on the community but also on the government to help support the victims of family violence (Phillips, 2006). The Feminist ideology would be helpful for Greensprings, as the high rates of domestic violence indicate a power imbalance between male and females in the community.
Postmodernism came about due to the perceived failed nature of the project of modernity, which was based upon the principles of
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