Marx's Term For Capitalist

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Bourgeoisie: Page 10; Marx’s term for capitalist, those who own the means of production. The food production companies have accentually bought the government. If they come up with a plan to produce more food, no matter how harmful it may be to the consumer, the government will not step in to protect the citizen of Americans. As the bourgeoisie owns the industry, this fact has been proven within the video of Food Inc. What is astonishing is that a company was actually able to get a patent on life. How can a company be allowed to monopolize an entire industry? That is depriving people of their basic human right of life, to eat healthy food, food that has not been modified by harmful hormones or genetics. Several of the food production companies give jobs to illegal immigrants and once their services are no longer needed, then the heads of these companies call immigration to have them arrested and deported back to their home country. This in turn saves the company money because they do not have to pay out anything for unemployment wages for laying the employees off for a period of time. The food industry has really become the bourgeoisie of this century. Proletariat: Page 10: Marx’s term for the exploited class, the mass of workers who do not have the means of production. In this case, this class of workers is the farmers and the people who work in the food production plant. The farmers are forced to purchase seed from a company, which sells nothing expect GMO seed.
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