Mary Ann Shadd Research Paper

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Mary Ann Shadd Camberton Cary was a courageous, brave woman and phenomenal woman. She was a woman who wanted to plant a believe she had in the whole society. Also, while she thrived to achieve her dream she had many obstacles come by her way. As well, this woman was life threatened but she didn’t give up. Furthermore on, Mary Ann Shadd was a abolitionist, teacher, writer/publisher, a lawyer and a women’s suffrage right protester. Firstly, Mary Ann Shadd was a abolitionist since she was little. Additionally, her mother and father were abolitionist themself as her father even worked for a abolitionist newspaper. Secondly, Mary Ann Shadd had later on chose being a teacher as her career and she use to teach at all black schools in the United States …show more content…

Comparatively, she had lost funding for her school. Furthermore, since that plan did not succeed she had another plan that she wanted African-American people to come to Canada. Additionally, Mary had decided that she was going to write a newspaper and established one on 1853 named the “Provincial Freeman”. Moreover, this newspaper was directed to African-Americans and escaped African Americans who were once held captive under slavery. As well, in this newspaper she wrote letters, poetry, travelogues and ads for African-Americans who escaped from the United States and lost family members along the way. As well, after publishing the newspaper, she became the first African-American woman to publish a newspaper in North America. After, she had went back to the United States to help out with the Civil war and she even encouraged other African Americans to join so they could finally end slavery. Later on in time, Mary was still in U.S.A and at the age of 60 Mary had earned a law degree from Howard University and she became the second African-American woman in United States to earn this phenomenal

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