Mary Shelley 's Frankenstein : Fact Or Fiction

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: Fact or Fiction When we all write, we are somehow influenced by the events in our own life. Whether it be experiences we have encountered, events, people, or desires; all are entangled with the pleasurable and not so pleasurable. Some believe Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein, was written to show the painful life she endured. She presents a novel about Victor Frankenstein, a man who creates a living creature only to be horrified by him. Shelley’s personal fears become evident in Frankenstein as the events and characters throughout the novel are also found in her own life. The life of Mary Shelley had a significant influence on her writing of Frankenstein, one of the most famous stories of all time. The death of an innocent child seems to be a theme in this book. In Shelley’s life she lost multiple children. Throughout the book, Shelley expresses her feelings of guilt and sadness from her own life experiences. Frankenstein represents a child being born, knowing nothing of the world and having to figure things out on his own. Victor, the parent, wants nothing to do with him. As a young woman, Shelley ran away with a married man and she too was shunned by her father for many years. The monster too was rejected by many. “He has been created, but has no mother. He has been brought into a world that doesn 't want him. He wants to feel love and acceptance. It is only when he is rejected that he turns against the world that made
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