Mary Tudor: Bloody Mary

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Place the candle right in front of the mirror, and start chanting Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, and etc. Do it 3 to 30 times and legend has it that you will see a ghost in the mirror and then that ghost will kill you or bruise you emotionally or physically really abominably. This legend is called “Bloody Mary” and many people are assured that the legend is not true because they allege that their friends did it before and nothing happened. This legend came to be because of one infamous queen, Mary Tudor or known as Mary I of England. The article, “The bloody history of Bloody Mary: Part 1” states clearly on how Mary got her Bloody Mary nickname, “Mary's 'Bloody' moniker is related to some of her first acts as Queen: first came the execution of Dudley and then the reinstitution of the Heresy Acts in 1554. Under the Acts many, many protestants were killed under the Marian Persecutions, the main method of execution being death by fire. It's believed many of the 283 killed under the Heresy Act died this way and gave Mary the unofficial title Queen "Bloody" Mary.”(McGarry 1) Mary Tudor agonized many people because she wanted Catholicism back into her kingdom and not many people supported her. They didn’t support her because many people thought of her as a bastard for the things she did to her fellow citizens and many people headed towards the direction of Protestantism. Many people say…
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