Masculinity Essay

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Main idea: High school boys practice compulsive heterosexuality to ensure their masculinity and social status. Compulsive heterosexuality is not particularly associated with sexual orientations, but more to do with behaviors, social interactions, and institutional structures. Male students expressed and measured their masculinity by objectifying girls and their bodies, relentless remarks about sexual conquests, desiring girls, and desired by girls. Being in control of girls’ bodies, overpowering them to alter their bodily functions and inflicting pain were revered as a sign of masculinity. They also thought to believe that forceful coercion to overcome girls’ resistance to boys’ desire was part of a good practice of masculinity. …show more content…

Question: Should sexual harassment classes to be incorporated into a mandatory high school curriculum?
Theory: Pascoe’s writing illustrates Connell’s hegemonic masculinity. Pascoe discusses Chad Rodgers, a tall, good-looking senior football player, popular among girls, thinks that the world revolves around him is a typical hegemonic masculinity. Chad has a girlfriend and having sex with her proves his heterosexuality. Darnell who is an African American boy is marginalized of his masculinity because of the intersection of his race, gender, and sexual identity. He proclaimed that the mixed girls are for him. In ways, he was expressing his frustration of limited choices of girls, and he must compete with white boys. Pascoe also employees the essentialist theory where other boys want to be Chad Rodgers and girls want to be with him, all because he is muscular, has a nice body who is a stud at sports. The essentialist theory is based on picking a feature and identify that feature to be the definition of masculinity. Often, strong and powerful physical attributes are associated with masculinity, thus Chad’s athletic abilities and his muscles contribute to his manliness.
Question: If certain physical attributes are determining factors of masculinity, and the current over exaggerated media’s exposure influences how boys conclude normative of masculinity. Should there be stricter legal restrictions on the national network

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