Mass Media And Its Impact On Society

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Conclusion Mass media has become easily accessible and has grown bigger than anyone could have imagined 20 years ago, for the invention of the internet, mass media is able to reach a bigger audience at an almost unbelievable rate. Many people depend on mass media as a source of information, taking the information at face value, perpetuating the information they received unto others. Whether the information be about politicians, world affairs, and or the police, we, as society, do believe what we see and hear, though we often don’t question or ponder the validity of such information. This research was created in order to contribute insight on how our perceptions of police are crafted by the information we receive, but this insight isn’t limited to the police and we should we question what we receive, for provided information may not be necessarily true or an accurate representation of a group or entity. Gathering information from one source doesn’t further one’s knowledge of a subject, but through many sources, one can garnish an ideal that may be fair and neutral and if one were to blindly accept the information fed by the mass media, social media, physical interactions, and worth of mouth, thus would create misconception and misinformation.
The research suggests the media played a small role and only had slight effects in altering the way people perceived the police, but ultimately, many people’s perceptions of police were shaped by their physical interactions and the
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