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Before fast spreading technology was introduced, politicians had limited ways of gathering supporters for their political agenda. Today, technology is used to spread a lot of information to many different people around the world. Online websites play a vital role in spreading political agendas throughout the masses of the country. Through the technological changes, including Facebook, Twitter, and Rock the Vote, political agendas are beginning to spread through demographics that were harder to target before the Internet became easily accessible. These demographics include men and women eighteen years of age and older. Over 500 million people are active on Facebook, a social networking site where anyone can voice their opinions and ideas. …show more content…

Today, people always have access to the Internet on the go, and “The beauty of Twitter is that it can be portable, allowing you to tweet from your cell phone. So when critical news breaks, your elected official can keep you apprised of the latest developments” (Orr). Since statuses and updates come directly from the politician or celebrity themselves, Twitter is a reliable source to people and it is not “lost in translation.” Although more people are “tweeting” every day, older generations that cannot keep up are lacking in publicizing themselves in a political format. The negative aspect on Twitter is that “the relative newness of social networks like Twitter, make social media strategy a nebulous affair for campaigns who aren’t blessed with an intuitive grasp of these fast-paced platforms”(James). Because social media is such a new concept in today’s society, many political campaign managers are still figuring it out how to use it to their advantage in a positive way. If the candidates for office who are not used to today’s technology cannot get with the fast paced changing times of today, why would citizens want them running their country? In an effort to attract younger audiences, celebrities such as Madonna, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Janet Jackson have been

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