Mass Media Manipulation Negatively Affects African American Athletes On All Levels

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Since the early 2000’s we have seen the rise and power of the mass media. However what most people fail to realize are how mass media manipulation negatively affects African American athletes on all levels. When dissecting this situation there are several key things to understand. America is a country that was born out of racism and is still being controlled to this day by racism. So naturally every institution that is run by racist such as the NBA, NCAA, NFL, the Supreme Court, major banking companies or the media. Within every racist institution there is a natural plan built in for blacks to fail. While on one hand there is a plan for most blacks to fail on the other hand there are plans set up to capitalize off our talent on every …show more content…

Physical matureness by and large cause a normal growth in strength, quickness, and size which are significant traits for sport success but the only thing youth sports reveal to us is that some players are maturing more rapidly than others. At the youth level being bigger, stronger, and faster are typically all that is required to stand out in a group of less prepared underdeveloped athletes. But it is not a pure marker in terms of who is really the most gifted At more mature ages skill and accomplishments are closely related, but at the young sport level such a relationship is untimely since achievement gains are dependent on more than just changing physical attributes. Victory in youth sport is comparative to whoever is on the team or field; therefore accomplished adolescents are distinguished in relation to others they are competing with and not against some universal test. Few of these players may be more accomplished between their Slower maturing mates but it doesn 't maintain that they are also more gifted. In any event, we have an inclination to glorify a youthful competitor 's ability by naming him as super talented when the pure argument is that he 's really just maturing faster then his peers. The next terrible thing plaguing black males athletes is the illusion of pro success. Due to the overexposure of professional athletes and chance to hit it big. As well as over praise for these professionals make young males aspire to do nothing other then become

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