Mass Shootings in Schools

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In December 2013, 28 people including 20 children were shot to death at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, which caused school officials and parents to reflect on methods for better protection of students’ safety. Recently, United University issued a regulation of checking backpacks or book bags randomly for weapons such as guns and knives, and those who are found to carry weapons will receive certain punishments. It was said that the random search was able to forbid weapons on campus and improve the sense of safety among students. In my point of view, the random search may not as effective as considered and, to some extent, might cause some problems.
On one hand, random checking cannot prevent students from being hurt by unconventional weapons. The definition of weapon need to be taken into consideration. The random search pay more attention to objects generally regarded as weapons such as guns and knives. However, numerous materials exist on campus are dangerous even a threat to students’ lives. For example, approximately every university has labs for students to conduct scientific research, particularly in Department of Chemistry or Biochemistry. Dangerous solvents and poisoners are easily accessible for students working in such labs and are even possible to be taken out on purpose by students, which is definitely a considerable threat to other students. A university student in China was killed by her roommate because of consumption of a cup of water

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