Material And Non-Material Culture

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In the short story, multiple elements of material/non-material culture are portrayed. Material culture is composed of tangible items that are symbolic or hold meaning to a society such as having a car. Non-material culture consists of ideas, morals and values that hold importance a society or culture. This story illustrates the effect culture can have in our behavior and how it shapes our society, it just comes to support the idea that culture and society are dependent on each other in order to thrive. In order to comprehend material and non-material culture we will first have to separate the both an apply them to context.

In order to understand the material and non-material culture apparent in this story, we must first understand the meanings of the culture being portrayed. When the author wrote “… in her brand new Mercedes”, we can automatically correlate that this person has the wealth to buy a car that is commonly linked to people with high income, since they are expensive. That is an example of how people within a culture can put meanings to materialistic objects. When Sarah checks her phone she knows that such action can cause an accident yet she does it regardless because phones are such a priority to modern day American youth. To put in perspective, Sarah takes a chance of being injured severely in a car accident by checking her phone instead of being fully engaged in driving, but why? In another instance we can read that Sarah is wearing a shirt that states “I
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