Matilda Coskery : The Oracle Of Nursing

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Matilda Coskery: The Oracle of Nursing Nursing has, historically, been considered as a very respectfully profession, and as we have discussed before most people consider nurses as overall people to be trusted. This is partly due to the accomplishments of early nursing pioneers who have shaped the view of the present-day healthcare setting. Florence Nightingale is often portrayed as the beginning of contemporary nursing and nursing practices. In this, many staples of nursing and accomplishments have been claimed to her name. Contrary to this belief many of her signature practices existed long before her time, many of which were initiated by Matilda Coskery. In fact, Coskery’s compassion in the battlefield as well as innovative practices were a turning point in nursing as she began and extended many policies botany, mental illness and standards of care.
Matilda Coskery Sister Matilda Coskery, born as Anastasia Coskery on November 21st in 1799, was a child of great promise, showing interest in a variety of subjects very early in her life. While some of these included a love for reading one of her hobbies that most influenced her in her later years was a keen curiosity for religious practice. In light of this she became interested in ministry practice and so became a member of Catholic religious order known as Sisters of Charity, shortly thereafter joining the community of religious nurses Daughters of Charity in 1829 where she assumed the name Matilda Coskery and came to

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