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Philosophy Matrix II: Ancient Quest for Truth


Use the matrix to analyze Plato and Aristotle’s theory of knowledge and apply both to current day practices.

In the first column, using the readings about Plato’s search for truth and his theories of knowledge, discuss how contemporary people may be living in a cave and which steps, based on Plato’s model of the Divided Line, will be necessary for their enlightenment.

In the next column, based on Aristotle’s science of the first philosophy, analyze how Aristotle’s metaphysics may guide contemporary people to knowledge about the world.

In the final fields, evaluate how you use either or both of the methods in your own life and explain how Plato and Aristotle used
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On the other hand, it is accepted because the |
|in a cave by contemporary standards would be seeing things for |purpose of metaphysics, which is to reach beyond nature |
|what the person wants to see them for instead of for what they |(physics), and to discover the ultimate essence and the reason |
|are. People get so involved in their own lives that they do not |for being. Metaphysics may guide those in a contemporary world to|
|take the time to look at their surroundings. Many get comfortable|reach beyond the “norm”, and to look outside their normal |
|in their life and live day to day without looking at what else |experiences. Contemporary people tend to think and act by habit; |
|can be done or what other options one may have to improve |Aristotle’s metaphysics says to reach beyond the everyday normal |
|themselves or surroundings. When those are “released” and look |routine and look further. Knowledge can only be obtained by |
|around to see what else is available to them or different from |self-motivation, without motivation one would only be reading or |
|what they have been experienced many may be confused on how to |listening but not learning. When people look beyond to acquire |
|understand. |more is when knowledge is retained. |
|In 250 to 500 words, evaluate how you use either or both of the methods in
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