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Rowan Rossi
Mats Ek essay

Mats Ek is a world renowned choreographer, known for his works adapting classic ballets into ground breaking, game changing modern works of art. Mats Ek was born in Malmo Sweden in 1945, son of the choreographer Brigit Cullberg and Ander Ek, a famous Swedish actor. The young Mats Ek did not particularly want to be a dancer, and he spent some years producing plays. Soon later Mats Ek trained in classical dance with Lillian Katrina and later with Donya Feuer in 1962. After discovering his newfound love for dance Mats Ek joined the Cullberg ballet in 1973. In 1982 Mats Ek created his greatest work, the reinterpretation of the classical ballet Giselle was seen as ground breaking and inspirational creating a new …show more content…

Mats Ek could not have made use of these innovations to create his works if it were not for the revolution of dance.

Mats Ek’s family would play no small part in the development of his influential style of dance. His father Ander Ek was an acclaimed Swedish actor and this had a strong impact on his work in the theatre, Ander ek gave Mats Ek a chance to do drama classes and this is shown through his use of emotion, drama and abstract expressions in his choreography. His mother Brigit Cullberg, choreographer and dancer of the Cullberg ballet who funded the Cullberg ballet in the 1960’s. The artistic background that Mats Ek was brought up in has profoundly influenced his work and it is obvious that both acting and dancing complement the other in his choreography. Without his strong artistic family Mats Ek would not bee the renowned choreographer he is today.

Last but not least was the social and political changes in the era also had a profound effect on Matts Ek’s style including themes, costuming and sets in Mats Ek’s works. The 1960’s and 1970’s was a little after World War 2. people were encouraged to be detectives and look out for war in there own country. So many people protested against conflicted and encouraged peace. Also in the 1970’s the Swedish healthcare system changed from being equal to privatized competition between doctors arose, companies became non interested in the patients needs and more about the money. This changed and influenced his

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