Matthew Healy 1975 Analysis

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The 1975 is an alternative rock band. The group consists of Matthew Healy who does the lead vocals and plays the rhythm guitar, Adam Hann the lead guitarist, Ross MacDonald bassist, and George Daniel the drummer. They are from Wilmslow, Cheshire of England. They all went to Wilmslow High School and became friends and began to play music together in 2002. Matthew Healy says that the name was inspired by scribblings found in the back page of an old poetry book June 1st 1975. (Brinnand) They have released four EP’s, a self-titled debut album, and their second album, I Like It When You Sleep, for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It, was just recently released worldwide in February 2016. When the band first formed they started doing covers of punk songs, eventually they started…show more content…
Their sound is almost refreshing. Every song has a different feel to it and a few of their songs are instrumental. I think that it’s pretty cool that they don’t always sing and just play their instruments. They are all just really talented and I like how they’re just four friends who formed a band while in high school. When I was first introduced to their music I was kind of unsure of it. Eventually it grew on me and now I listen to their songs almost every day. You have to really listen to the lyrics to understand what their songs are about. And I really like that about their music.

I would compare their music to the Baroque Age music. The Baroque was different and had a new sound for the century and they liked exaggerating things. The 1975 has a new and different sound for this century. Also their music videos are extraordinary and different and just reminds me of the Baroque Age. Seeing music videos of their live performances they sound just as good live and I like that about them too. A lot of artist sometimes don’t sound as good live. I have yet to see them in concert but I would love to
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