Maus Literary Analysis

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What can literature teach me about the personal loss and chaos from life experiences from the Holocaust?

From 1933 to 1945 was one of the world’s most horrific massacres, “The Holocaust”. This genocide was led by Adolf Hitler who targeted mainly the Jews, but also Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the disabled. The Holocaust killed around 11 million people, about 6 million of them were Jews, and 1.1 million of those 11 million were children. Those who survived this major event will never forget the horrors they’ve experienced and the people they lost. Decades after the incident, many victims tell their stories they still remember clearly and some of these stories were turned into books. One such book is Maus, a book on a father
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It’s used often to change an item or usually animals to become more human or with human characteristics. Using anthropomorphism, Maus gives off the feeling of a childhood book instead of portraying a horrific event for an easier understanding. It shows how the mice are able to relate their life to always be harsh and would often lose something or someone. On Page 86 the bottom group of panels, Art Spiegelman describes how they had to try their very best in keeping Anja’s grandparents safe (Art Spiegelman, 1986, p.86). The way it makes the story more interesting is how the separation between people using animals are there but the reader is able to tell those are real people the author was talking about. A way you’re able to tell in the story is from not all mice are scared, not all cats are mean, and not all pigs are…show more content…
In the story I was able to visualize the different scenes with a starting point to have to imagine off of. But in having the scene of how the way someone’s life can affect another referred to as the butterfly effect. They're invoked to explain our emotional reaction to everything from the death of a loved one to the destruction of the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil spill to LeBron James' abandoning the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat (Konigsberg, 2011, p.1). As I continued to read, the more deeper I got the more emotions Artie has towards Vladek, even though his father can be an old kook
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