My Father is a Living Holocaust Memoir Essay

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My Father is The Living Holocaust Memoir

When you hear " Holocaust Survivor" you think of a new beginning, a better future, victory at last." But what happens when parents bring a child into this world and their priority is to love and protect their baby In a better and safe place have been traumatized of the past with incredible amount of horrifying memories and experiences? In Art Spiegelman's graphic novels, MAUS 1 and MAUS 2, he exposes the true story of his father, Vladek, and his experience as a Jew throughout the Holocaust through pictures and sketchy storytelling. The relationship between Art and his father is the essential description in the book as Art has no other way to escape from being victimized by his own father's …show more content…

It's obviously showed that with Vladek actions towards people we can understand why they feel so low. Vladek throughout the story, he stresses the importance of his heart (comparing himself of how heroic and very strong he use to be). "It's good for my heart..the pedaling.." (1 12) All the sweat, blood and tears (energy) it took to survive the Holocaust seems to build up and haunt Vladek as present (life now). He needs to know that everyone ages and he has to accept the fact that he's getting old and he cannot be what he once was and that's young again doing all the skillful things he use to do.

To further exacerbate the situation, a typical father son relationship is all about bonding, trust and understanding each other. Seemingly he's not able to do so because of the distress overpowering his brain, he continues to be insensitive to Art. Art can't fathom Vladek and he starts to lose hope by saying to Francois his women, "I mean, I can't even make any sense out of my relationship with my am I supposed to make sense out of Auschwitz?..the Holocaust?" (MAUS 2 14) Art later on start to get the sense of hope again and make better out of worse and asked Vladek questions of his mother Anja. Art finds out that her "diaries" (MAUS 1 159) we're destroyed purposely by Vladek. Not only does Art feel hopeless because his mother is gone but now he can't even share her voice with the world today. There was no way of expressing her

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