Maximus as the Hero in Ridley Scott's Gladiator Essay

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Maximus as the Hero in Ridley Scott's Gladiator

Ridley Scott's gladiator recreates the entire world of ancient Rome in living glory on the screen. The shots of coliseum, intact and swarming with crowds of spectators are breath taking. The story has a classic three act structure, moving Maximus, Decimus and Meridius from warrior to slave to gladiator and each step is incredibly exciting. In addition, Scott stages half a dozen elaborate action sequences like there's no tomorrow, pulling out all the stops, and filling the screen with swords, tigers and chariots. The brilliant imagery of director really jumps of the screen, making this an Oscar winning motion picture. The ample Digital effects makes …show more content…

The second camera shot I have chosen is when there is a close up on Maximum’s face which is looking at the robin. The robin demonstrates us Maximus’s love for nature which proves that he freedom fighter. The third scene I have selected is when Maximus is walking down his army and every one is greeting him. This demonstrates us that maximus has a high reputation and is someone who is looked up to. This also illustrates the love and affection for maximus from his soldiers and even by animals as the dog was following him when the war was about to begin. The last scene I have chosen is when there is a slow motion when the Romans had won the war. This connotes the supremacy and authority they had during these times.

The main character of this motion picture is Maximus. Throughout the film, the audience sees his loving character, his love for Rome and his fellow Gladiators, and love for his wife and kid. Secondly, Maximus is physically strong and this enables him to win every battle he fights in. The actor Russell Crowe developed a muscle physique and especially in the violent combat scenes director Ridley Scott uses close ups of his muscular body. By doing this he ensures we link Maximus with strength and agility. Because of this, he is seen as the hero. Maximus always "played the game

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