Rome's Legacy of Gladiators Essay

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Gladiators Rome had many great things, especially within their love of brutality. Many of the Roman people enjoyed to take a break from their hard, ancient, lives and watch some grown men battle people, lions, tigers, and bears to the death (oh my!). Gladiators were a huge part of the Roman society and a large part of Roman culture. The people of Rome loved gladiator battles. The Roman coliseum was built in order to fit the standards of a bloody, brutal battle while also being able to keep thousands of Roman citizens comfortable and entertained. Gladiators were usually prisoners of war brought from conquered regions, as well as Christians and criminals accused for harness crimes including: thievery, rape, and murder. Gladiators were …show more content…

They had many things that we as Americans utilize in our current culture. Many of the main Roman influences include government, art, entertainment, and construction. Roman government is the origin for all of our current government system. The Romans has three branches of government: the legislative, the executive, and the judicial. The executive had two councils that decided on pretty much every affair within the empire. In the legislative branch was a senate, which advised the executive branch. Lastly in the judicial they had a Supreme Court. Also there was a written law consisting of twelve tablets that gave allowed the citizens to know their rights. As one can tell, the Roman system of government is much like the one currently residing in the United States of America. American's built many of the buildings in Washington DC like the Romans did. The use of specific types of column and arches with the use of marble and concrete made the buildings look much like the ones used in Rome almost two-thousand and thirteen years ago. Art also made a huge impact on American society. Both Rome and America used realistic people and realistic nature for their pictures. Entertainment wise the people of Rome and the people of American share some what the same interest in the same things. For example gladiators and horse races evolved to boxing and Nascar. Also physically demanding things

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