May Kattaya. Prof. Shannon-Bowers. English 110. February

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May Kattaya
Prof. Shannon-Bowers
English 110
February 8, 2017
People have memories that are sparked by many situations. Some situation often makes people remember experiences from the past. Most of the time, they are our best experience in life that we wish to reoccur. That memory for me is when I moved from Egypt an Arabic speaking country to the United States where they speak English. It was a unique change that I was never used to.
I was born in Egypt, an Arabic-speaking country. I was living in Egypt my entire life. I went to school there: Elementary and middle school. When I was young, I had the hard time to speak or talk and that was my biggest issue because I had to go to school late. When I went to elementary school, …show more content…

After I thought about it, I decided it is better to come to the U.S and have a good education here that will help me have a better life and future.
It was a big step to come to the United States because it is not easy to be far away from friends and family. Moving was the most radical change happened to me because I moved from an Arabic-speaking country to an English-speaking country. When I came to the U.S, it was so difficult for me to understand others, and if someone talked to me, I won’t understand what he/she are talking about. One day I was walking around and a woman came to me, she was asking me something, but I could not understand her because I did not know English so I could not communicate with her. By then, I realized how important to know the language so you could talk and communicate with others. Especially when I am in a country that they only speak English and there are little people who know my language. When I was enrolled in school, I was put in a special program for the non-speaking English called ESL. ESL was a program that helps the students their English is the second language how to read and write English. Mrs. Senick, my ESL teacher helped me so much to learn the language. She was an amazing teacher because she loves her job and she was willing to help me and the other students who are in the same situation as mine. In the beginning, it was difficult because I do not know any English, but after a while,

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