Essay On Immigrant Experience

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My mom brought me to America in 2002. This move was difficult as I had to leave my family behind. Up until then, I grew up in the midst of a large, extended family. I had cousins to play with and multiple adults to spoil me. Furthermore, moving to an entirely different continent where the culture and environment was different from what I was used to, did not help. I experienced quite a bit of culture shock and language became a problem. Those first few months when I could not communicate with my new classmates were lonely. On top of that, seeing my parents work so hard to build a new life in a country where we had no family to rely on, made me hate our situation. However, being an immigrant taught me some valuable lessons and shaped who I am today. At an early age, I learned to become more independent, more responsible. I had to learn to do certain tasks, such as making my lunchbox, doing my homework, by myself. I had to learn to adapt and to appreciate what we had. Each new place we moved to, I experienced something new. In Ohio, I learned what chicken tenders were. In New Jersey, I experienced my first snowfall. In Texas, I bought my first pair of cowboy boots. As I grew up, I learned to treasure what the United States had to …show more content…

At the same time, it also taught me that new experiences and travels can significantly impact those points-of-view. Previously, I mentioned a patient I had seen with my peers, whose mother refused to acknowledge that her daughter had HIV. My peers were extremely heated about the topic and disapproved of the mother’s decision to not seek help. While I did not support her decision, I understood her actions. In their conservative society, public knowledge about the girl’s disease would have lead to social discrimination against the girl and would have been unsafe for her. I understood, because I experienced a similar

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