Mayan History Research Paper

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Angelica Gonzalez Period: May 3, 18/2017

How the civilizations before 1600 were obtained, consolidated and maintained in Africa and America

Africa is the third continent by its extension, Asia and America is situated between the oceans. Each of the African countries have their own histories, some historians believe that Africa had no history, but many of them told them why Africans had no history because Africans were illiterate, and as they left no trace of history Of Africa to investigate enough to obtain information on the history of Africa. The Egyptians were the first civilization that arose in Africa. In the southern part of Africa religion was Christianity and Protestantism.

The griot were important, reportable and powerful people
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The Americas was celebrated throughout the American continent in 1931. It was chosen on April 14 as the date of 1890 in which, by resolution of the First American International Conference (held in the District of Columbia between October 1889 and April Of 1890), the Union of American Republics and its permanent secretariat, the Commercial Office of the American Republics, were created. These gave way to the Pan American Union and finally to the current Organization of American States (OAS) in 1948.
The Mayan religion, they believed in many gods and that each needed a unique sacrifice to be happy and were polytheists. Maya Mayan beauty was to place a piece of rock on the teeth, skin piercings and tattoos, they considered it was beautiful to have flat forehead, crossed eyes, etc.
The Mayans lived in the period of 250,900AD, tortured people, ripped their hearts out of people to obtain graces. The Mayan calendars used them to determine the weather, time, time and days, they could know what God represented and what they touched They had skulls that represented them. They were passive and intelligent, but then they became violent and intelligent for the reason that they applied their fronts and killed a part of the brain that helped him to analyze things and Not being aggressive. The Mayans created the concept of the number
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