McMinn 4MAT review Essay

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1 Summary: After listing the name of the book and author, summarize the book concisely in 500 “tight” words (no more than 2 pages). Prove that you comprehend the reading by writing a no-nonsense summary. The summary is not a commentary or listing of topics, but rather a heartfelt, condensed, insightful synopsis of the longer, more elaborate book. Cite the book in text at least once per paragraph, and include page numbers for direct quotations. Mark McMinn’s book, Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling, 1996, brings theology, Christian spirituality, and psychology into the counseling responsibility. Faith, true, honest, heartfelt faith is his unceasing, steady, melody. McMinn just doesn’t just focus on…show more content…
Relate your story in first person, describing action and quoting exact words you remember hearing or saying. In the teaching style of Jesus, this is your own parable, case study, and confession. You will remember almost nothing you have read unless you make this critical, personal connection. When reading the book, what video memory began to play in your mind? This is your chance to tell your story and generate new ideas In the beginning I understood my Christin faith as an academic. I did as I was told, I read my bible, and I followed the Ten Commandments as any teenager does; when it suited me. I wasn’t a horrible teenager, I was raised in a small farm community that really didn’t understand someone with a vole at the end of their name, or someone who wanted to walk to the library and read rather than hang out on the steps of the malt shop/gas station. My formative years were the 1960’s. There was so much conflict and rebellion and hatred. By the time I graduated and was supposed to go out and make my way I was thoroughly confused with and rebellious. Problem was I wasn’t sure what I was rebelling against; the “rebel without a clue.” But, in the end I wound up being a successful trial attorney; I even ran for Congress! I became a Master of the Universe; I was a Goddess that walked on the earth. I believed that God already had enough on his plate, wars, famine, disease, atrocities; why should I plague Him further? After all, the Bible says: “God

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