Mccahon Symbolism

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The first overly religious paintings occurred in the middle forties, McCahon was deeply engrossed in the work of Giotto, Michelangelo, the fourteenth century Siennese painters and the iconography, imagery and symbolism of Christian art. It was logical at this time for McCahon to borrow from these early sources of our cultural heritage and turn them to his own ends. The themes and symbols which McCahon developed at this time in his early paintings, have remained constant throughout his entire career. Colour must also be taken into account in any consideration of McCahons use of symbols, and the use of black and which is employed symbolically. The depiction of light, both as a physical feature phenomenon, and as a metaphor for the light of the spirit, has been a constant preoccupation.…show more content…
McCahon has always taken literally to Christ's injunction and the statement ‘God is light’ This conviction and attitude to light with the monochromatic grey palette for light as a supernatural force is most powerfully
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