Mcdonalds : A Worldwide Organization Essay

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McDonalds Strengths McDonalds is a worldwide organization that has been around for decades and lasted through some really trying times for many economies around the world. McDonalds has weathered major disasters, failed economies, attacks from the diet industry, and even states looking to ban them because of potential health effects on children. McDonalds has taken these people head on and decided that they can still be profitable and weather any storm that may come their way. The new Chief Executive Officer for McDonalds is seeking to turn things around as there has been a slight slump in sales (Passeri, 2016). He is bringing a new vision on board and cutting some of the unnecessary spending that was happening as it related to McDonalds menu and spending. In 2012 McDonalds had revenues over 27 billion dollars and profits topping 5 billion dollars (Jurevicius, 2016). Not many restaurants can say they profited 5 billion dollars in one year, but McDonalds has steadily done this for years. As of 2013 McDonalds boasted over 1.8 million employees, which is a huge workforce to say the least. McDonalds’ competitors are Burger King, Yum! Brand Inc., Subway, Wendy’s, and many others. Neither of the aforementioned companies comes close to the revenue in which McDonalds is producing. In 2013 Burger King net income was a little over 1 billion dollars, meaning McDonalds made five times more than they could muster. Although McDonalds has more stores and

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