Mcdonald's Internal Analysis: Internal Analysis Of Mcdonalds

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McDonald’s Internal Analysis

In General The McDonald’s Corporation operates and franchises Mcdonald’s restaurants in more than 100 countries. They serve a relevant menu to the location they are in that provides quality food and drinks at affordable prices. McDonald’s system holds both company-owned and franchised restaurants. McDonald’s restaurants are operated and owned under either of the following structures- Conventional Franchise, development licence or affiliate. The relationship between McDonald’s and the franchisees is critical for the overall performance of the McDonald’s brand. The business relationship is supported by contractual agreement that requires commitment to standards and policies to protect McDonald’s Brand.
McDonald’s is viewed primarily as a franchisor, 85% of their restaurants are owned by independent franchisees. Franchising enables them to benefit from
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McDonald’s continues to test new products to satisfy these preferences and tastes. McDonald’s menu includes hamburgers, cheeseburgers, wraps, chicken sandwiches, chips,desserts, pies, salads, sundaes, soft serve cones, coffee, soft drinks and other beverages. McDonald’s also promotes a variety of products during a limited time period. They also offer full or a limited breakfast menu in the U.S and many international markets. The importance of quality, choice and nutrition is increasing for McDonald’s customers and they are continuously expanding their menu to meet those needs.(McDonald’s Corporation. (2016)) SWOT Analysis
McDonald’s is one of the world’s largest chains in the fast food industry. Their strong brand value helps them maintain their leadership position in important markets. The fast food industry is increasingly competitive and could erode McDonald’s market share and reduce profitability.

Strong brand
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