Md Gynaecologist Personal Statement

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Randomness is a trait devoid of significance. A decision can only become random when there may not be any inspiration but only introspection of one's virtues and pure positive thinking. If at all, the only influence had been the positive aspects of the Geology sector in terms of myriad of available opportunities. My entire life I have wanted to do something unique and different. This attitude of mine has led me to take decisions that amaze others. I have been an avid science student thus far and I feel that all the sciences have progressed tremendously in the last 70-80 years. Proper conclusions have been reached in most of the fields. Being a science student I have studied the basic sciences such as Chemistry, Physics and Biology for a few …show more content…

Being medical professionals, they imbibe qualities of excellence and compassion. They have gifted the teachings and principles of tolerance towards one and all, towards life and its setbacks, and, towards oneself. This is more valuable than the toys, clothes and books they purchased. Finally they inculcated the spirit and essence of living a life for the benefit of mankind. Eternally, they remain to be my parents, friends, philosophers and above all, mentors. My mother is an M.D. Gynaecologist. My father is an M.D. Paediatrician. They are like the perfect couple doctors. One delivers babies and one takes care of them in their age. My parents have given up many things in life for my sake for which I will respect them forever. Whatever spiritual values I have are all because of them. They wish to fulfil their dreams through my hands. Thus it becomes my duty towards them to do well in my academics and also do well in my …show more content…

I feel that this education would be a very important asset for a scientist. This will make the research more application oriented contributing to the development of technology. My short term goal is to complete my Bachelors in Geology from the University of Texas at Arlington excelling in studies and making full use of all the opportunities. I believe that I need to have an international exposure to understand and develop technologies in a global context. I have browsed through the University and the Department website and have found that the department of Geology at University of Texas at Arlington has a lot of research activities, having been tuned in terms of active participation in research, I am confident that I will be able to contribute fruitfully in association with your eminent faculty. I am sure that your University would serve as a suitable launch pad for my success. I therefore eagerly look forward with great pleasure to pursue my under-graduate studies in Geology at your esteemed

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