Me Before You Character Analysis

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In the movie “Me before you”, not only Will’s parents, friends, and workers all keep mentioning and emphasizing that Will is disabled and needs help. It delivers an idea that the life with a disability is not worth living. In the movie “Finding Dory,” there are two characters with disabilities. Becky is an intelligent bird and helps others a lot. She flies Marlin and Nemo everywhere; she helps to carry them by putting them in a bucket with water and then carries the bucket and shouts out to Gerald independently without any help. There is an another character in this movie that is with disability. Gerald is a sea lion; he doesn’t talk and is viewed as disabled with bulging eyes, a unibrow, and dopey smile. In these examples, people with disabilities are all viewed as inferior to non-disabled peers. In addition, Will, Becky, and Gerald all show that the two movies deliver an idea that the life of people with disabilities is boring and they do not worth living. However, in these two movies, characters with disabilities live well. In “Me Before You,” Will enjoyed his life with Louisa, and it shows that people with disabilities can find someone they love. In “Find Dory,” although Becky has mental disorder and can only speak with noises instead of clear words, she is smart and uses her intelligence to help Nemo. In addition, in these to movies, they deliver the idea that people with disabilities are all viewed as inferior to non-disabled peers through others’ characters’

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