Mean Girls Or Big Brother

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Most people would prefer to watch Mean Girls, or Big Brother over a documentary about nature because they find it more entertaining. Novels, television programs, and films are largely made to reflect what the majority of people find entertaining and don’t teach many valuable lessons. Writers can write great stories that move us emotionally and confirm our deepest moral convictions but they choose not to because a large number of (many, numerous) people prefer them to entertain us only because they see dollar signs as more than moral signs.

Good morning Mr. Bellisario and classmates, today, I will prove to you that the majority of the twenty-first-century writers write to entertain and to distract by looking the following three points. First, …show more content…

There is evidence of this in the movie Fast and Furious, this film worked in the past so they continue making it because the profit margin can be so large. Also, in most movies based on books, the last book is usually divided into two films to increase profits. Some examples include The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Twilight series. According to Business Insider, the top four movie studios of 2016 include Buena Vista, Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, and Universal. Each of these studios has already made one billion dollars this year! Since the studios and publishers are driven to make money, most writers in turn only focus on content that leads to the most book copies sold or the most views on TV, or the most tickets sold at the movie …show more content…

There are some works that managed to capture them both. For example, the movie 42, is full of important messages. It discusses how we don't have to conform to society’s expectations and how it is important to have our own beliefs and opinions. Another example is the film and novel, The Help, which explores racism. Racism against people of colour is a very important issue that is being highlighted in both of these films. These works have managed to both entertain and inform because their focus isn’t solely on being entertaining. Thus, a solution for(to) this problem could be finding a way to use humour and drama to teach valuable

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