Meaning Of Jesus Research Paper

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Jesus was on his way to heal a man's daughter, with a crowd following him too. In the crowd there was a woman who had been suffering of bleeding for twelve years; she been to many doctors and under much care but yet she still only seemed to get worse. When the woman heard that Jesus was coming she came behind him to touch his clothes, for she thought that if sh would touch his clothes she would be well again. Immediately after she touched Jesus's garments, the woman was healed from disease. Jesus, who had felt that power from himself had been used, proceed to ask for the one who touched him. His disciples in answer to Jesus's questions asked in disbelief why Jesus was asking for the who touched him in a crowd of people. But the woman, knowing …show more content…

Suddenly, I see a huge crowd coming by and I know who is in the middle. I have heard of all the things that Jesus can do and I know that if I just get to touch him, even his clothes, one time that I will be healed of the bleeding that I had lived with for twelve years. Even after spending all my money on treatments, it seems that I only have been getting worse. I see the crowd is here and I will finally get my chance to be near Jesus. Quickly, when I got the chance, I reached out and touched Jesus's garments.

Immediately after I touched him, I felt the change. I was healed! But then soon after I had touched Jesus, I heard him asking for the one who touched him. I heard the disbelief coming from his followers. Why would he be looking for someone who touched him in a crowd of people following him just trying to get a glimpse of Jesus? I was scared, but I knew what had happened for I was healed. I knew I was the one he was looking for. So I fell before Jesus and told him everything, I told him the truth. As I walked back I remembered everything Jesus told me. He told me that I should go in peace, and free of disease, for my faith in him had healed me. I will never forget this day, the day where I found Jesus

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