Response To The Jesus I Never Knew By Philip Yancey

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Response to “The Jesus I Never Knew” “the Jesus I Never Knew,” by Philip Yancey, was a lot more interesting than I was expecting. When I first read the plot, or summary, on the back of the book itself, I begin to wonder what this book what relate to me in what way. As I continued to dig deeper in the marvelous writing of Philip Yancey, I instantly began to relate to his occurrences, and remembering of Jesus as a young child. Just as I begin to read the first chapter, I noticed Yancey referred to Jesus as the nurturer in his Christian walk. As children we always have an imagination of what Jesus is and ours were very similar. He is the man we run to when there is no one there to comfort us in our valleys. As Yancey continues, he begins …show more content…

But his appearance is not what made people want to follow Him, and listen to what Jesus had to say, because what he said, need to be heard by the people on this earth.
Yancey brings “Sermon on the Mount,” in to perspective and breaks down what we think is something to look up to in our lives, but then talks as if, this day in time, the things we should be doing as Christians is somehow hard to do. To summarize, how to be a Christian. How do we compare our lives to the high expectations. When sometimes we cannot go a day without sin. I don’t think Yancey was bashing the sermon itself, but explaining that sometimes being a Christian is hard, and our expectations are high. But if we keep our eyes on Jesus in everything we do in life, we will be the best we can be.
Something we all love about Jesus was his ability to preform miracles on human beings just like us. Yancey tries to explain why Jesus was on this earth and did the things He did while he was here. Yancey begins to describe some of the miracles Jesus did like water to wine for example. Then Yancey questions why some of these miracles were preformed and why some were not. This was hard for me to understand because I have never thought about this before. Why did some people receive the blessing of healing and others did not? Honestly, I begin to come up with my own thoughts and begin to think I cannot compare people that received and people who did not. When we

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