Mechatronics: What It Takes to Become an Expert

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There is no specific, agreed upon definition of the word Mechatronics; people outside the field narrowly see Mechatronics as the mechanical and electronic works when combined in any field of engineering. Though, speaking to engineers in the field of Mechatronics you will find that it involves the mechanical, electrical and most importantly, the use of a computer to govern different elements (1). There is no standard degree for Mechatronics, though some universities offer robotic oriented minors and skill-sets, such as The University of Central Florida’s “Intelligent Robotic Systems” (IRS) interdisciplinary minor (2). Finding a complete degree of Mechatronics (not simply Mechatronic Technology) is very hard to do as students would need to cover many different fields of study; most students of Mechatronics cover a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Systems, Electrical Systems or Computer Systems Engineering, and continue with a Masters Degree in Mechatronics, such as the degree offered by the University of California. (6)
Systems engineering requires a bachelor’s degree, as it builds on an engineering discipline and relates ways to improve or refine the interconnection of systems to a larger cohesive picture. Besides a…
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