Medea Analysis

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Medea plays a lot of rolls in this epic, and it’s hard to explain how she is that smart to be an actor. The thing is, she is a scary woman, and after one day she is a queen who will conquer the world. There are a lot of different interpretations of the acts that Medea has committed throughout this play. For example, one could say that Medea should be prosecuted for the murders that she committed, or one could also admit that Medea should not be held responsible for her actions due to other reasons. Medea murders a total of four people in this play: Princess, the two sons, and the kind Creon. However, Medea does not kill Creon directly because she tried to kill the princess but the king tried to help the princess. While trying to help the princess, the king touches the coat to kill himself a long with his daughter. The murder of Creon is not placed against her because she is not held responsible for her actions. Medea is not held responsible due to the context in this play and on a legal note as well.
First of all, the context shows that Medea did not kill all four people. Medea did not kill Creon of trying to kill him. However, Creon is killed because of the princess, and it is not Medea’s responsibility for this murder. Medea kills the princess because of the poison which it was in her dress, however the king is killed due to him grabbing on to his daughter to kill himself with her. Based solely on the actions that Medea committed towards her daughter, she is not

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