What Role Does The Chorus Play In Medea

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"Discuss the importance of the role that the Chorus plays in Euripedes' Medea."
<br>The Chorus is very much an important part of Euripedes' Medea, and indeed many other works written in the ancient Greek style. In this play, it follows the journey Medea makes, and not only narrates, but commentates on what is happening. Euripedes uses the Chorus as a literary device to raise certain issues, and to influence where the sympathies of the audience lie.
<br>In the list of characters at the beginning of the play, the Chorus is stated to be a chorus of Corinthian Women. This draws the first link between them and Medea. The Chorus follows Medea on her journey through this play. They act as narrators on important occurrences in the play; …show more content…

When Medea married Jason, she married herself to him for life. She was expected to be totally obedient and to accept whatever her husband willed. For her to look upon another man other than her husband would have been totally unacceptable. Whereas Jason marries another woman while he is still married, and then it is Medea who is banished from Corinth. However, the audience's response to this type of situation would most likely have been different in Euripedes' time, to today. Obviously one can't know this for sure, but one can deduce it from what we know of that era. Although some wouldn't have condoned Jason's actions, many would have seen it as normal because it would have been a much more common occurrence then than today. Nonetheless, in presenting these sort of issues in a moralistic play to the audience of the day was a brave and controversial thing to do. Obviously, the views on the these issues have come along way since the time when this play was written, so today's audience adapts the messages in this play to their own morality. The treatment of women, and of Medea, and the circumstances that Medea is faced with, help the audience to, not condone, but understand the reasons for Medea's actions at the end of the play.
<br>The opinion of the audience on characters other than Medea is also influenced by the Chorus. After the audience hears what Jason has done to Medea in the way of marrying another

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