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Is Medea Justified In Her Actions? Is the killing of anyone ever justified? Is the life of one individual more important than another? In Euripides, Medea, Medea kills the princess of Corinth, the king of Corinth, Creon, as well as her own children. Are her actions the actions of an insane, distraught person or those of wise, foreign, barbaric woman trying to protect her children? Through the story of Medea, Medea justifies the killing of others while several other characters portray the injustice of her killings. Can a person show a justifiable reason to the killing of others or is the killing of others justified under certain circumstances? In the work prologue, we discover Jason 's quest to Colchis to obtain the Golden …show more content…

He even mentions that he didn 't leave her to betray her but he left her to support her and their kids; to give them a life they could enjoy, “My motive was the best; so we 'd live well and not be poor.” He goes on to tell her that all women are the same; as long as they are satisfied at home, life is well but “let there be some setback or disaster in the bedroom and suddenly you go against the things

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