Walden Center: Social Media And Body Image

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Walden Center. (n.d.)Media and Body Image [Web log post]. Retrieved from
The source discuss the effect that the media has on body image. The writer of Media and Body Image said that "the major reason many people has a negative body image is because of the impact that the media have had on our perception of body image" (Walden Center, n.d.). This statements shows us that the media finds thinness attractive, so they promote thin body has the one body type that is beautiful knowing that there are many types that are beautiful. What we see on social media is something that could actually not be real, most of the actors and actresses that we would see on television could actually …show more content…

This article talks about how photoshop allows advertisers to give models different body types that they did not had before. The false images affects the way that people see beauty in an unrealistic way, also false image cause low self-esteem and negative impact of people body image. With false advertisement women feels pressure to have the perfect body either by plastic surgery or unhealthy diet plans. This article is useful to use because it shows what the media uses to bring people self esteem down and how people would look at their body image differently Anderson, T. (2007). Why do we struggle with beauty and body image? Biola. Retrieved from
This source is a question and answer article, there are questions like "how many women struggle with an unhealthy body image?" Some of the questions talks about the media, celebrities and plastic surgery contributing to unhealthy body image. It also tells us the steps that needs to be taken when someone is suffering from unhealthy body image and it how families can help girls develop healthy body image. This article is useful to use because I could discuss how celebrities and plastic surgery uses the media to portray unhealthy body images. Secure Teen. (2013). Is poor body image caused by peer pressure [Web log post]. Retrieved from

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