Media And Its Effects On Society

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In today’s society if one were to walk down a populated sidewalk, it would seem merely impossible to spot a sole not twiddling away on their phone. With an entire world unfolding at their fingertips, we witness a society that has become addicted to media. Used as a powerful source of knowledge and entertainment, media plays an enormous role in the development of human life and gender distinction. Through the use of media, guidelines consisting of generated ideas and ways of living, affect both men and women. This then creates an altered thinking process that leads to an environment susceptible of stereotyping and ridicule. For both sexes, this negative portrayal of media causes a constant downfall of self-image and media persuaded decisions that influence unhealthy lifestyles. Functioning as a tool in our society, this essay will examine how the media negatively causes and constructs gender-based stereotypes. To understand gender-based stereotypes, one must first and foremost understand the distinction between sex and gender. Sex is defined by the physical attributes one is given by the initial biological structure at birth. As told by Anne-Fausto-Sterling, “the body tells the truth” because the appearance of a penis or vagina is the first indicator in determining if one is male or female (Fausto-Sterling, 244). Gender on the other hand, is a category or a means by which we understand the body. For instance, gender is determined through characteristics, cultural

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